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Our emphasis is on quality, therefore all of our items are from the leading brands such as Thule and Brenderup. We have selected these manufacturers as they are by far the best. They cost a small fortune to buy, why don’t you let us worry about that and you use our fleet at our competitive rates.


Our roof boxes can be supplied with or without roof bars (prices shown are without), we have new stock with fantastic load carrying options, including boxes that will carry your Skis!

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470 Litres (recommended to fit on all small to medium sized family cars, capacity is roughly equivalent to a large family car boot eg: Mondeo/Vectra) £60 per week*

Extra Large

580 Litres (recommended to fit on all estate cars and MPV’s, capacity is roughly equivalent to a large estate car boot eg: BMW 5 Series/Volvo V70) £70 per week

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Motorcycle trailers

Lider, Trelgo or similar.

  • 1 Bike – £80 per week, £30 daily rate
  • 2 Bike – £90 per week, £40 daily rate

*Motorcycle specific straps are available and charged at £10 extra

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Medium camping trailer:

  • Brenderup 1150s or similar with plastic ABS hinged lockable lid, measures approx 5ft x 3ft
  • £80 per week, £30 daily rate.

Large camping trailer:

  • Brenderup 1150s with double height and plastic ABS hinged lockable lid
  • £90 per week, £35 daily rate
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* A week is the minimum hire period for our boxes, any additional days after the first weeks hire are charged at £4 per day:

  • Large roofbox for 10 days = £72, 2 weeks = £88
  • Extra Large roofbox for 10 days = £82, 2 weeks = £98

NB: Roofbars are available for the majority of vehicle makes. There is an additional charge of £20 for roofbar hire regardless of the length of the hire period. Roofbars can also be hired on their own on a weekly basis for £45 per week

Cycle Carriers

Thule or Mont Blanc Roof Mounted Cycle Carriers:

  • £15 for a single carrier
  • Thule 929 4 bike tow bar mounted carrier – £90 per week
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