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S.C.Warden, Keyworth, Nottingham

To whom it may concern. In August this year we found we had more that the usual amount of equipment to take to a festival. A trailer is impractical for us and hiring a small van for over a week was too expensive. I don’t know where the thought of Roof box came from but it seemed a good solution. We looked at buying one but were fazed by the amount of systems out there and by the price of some of these solutions so we decided to look at hiring one. Leisure Trailer Hire came up in a local web search and we are so pleased they did. From the start their professional website and speed of their replies to enquiries filled us with confidence. We got a brilliant affordable quote that we accepted and agreed a time to have the roof box fitted. The Box was fitted promptly and efficiently with care and consideration to our vehicle. Everything was supplied along with good practical advice and reassurance. When it was time to return the roof box the same courtesy and professionalism were extended when removing the box and by the time we were home the deposit, which had been paid easily and quickly via Paypal, had been returned to our account. We found the roof box was perfect for us and decided to buy our own and invited LTH to quote us. They offered us a brilliant deal which we have accepted and everything again has been supplied at our convenience along with more sound advice. We can’t believe we have gone from knowing nothing about roof boxes to owning one in less than a month. This is all thanks to the professional, friendly nice guys at Leisure trailer Hire. Our only regret is they have nothing else that we need to hire. Yours sincerely S.C.Warden, Keyworth, Nottingham